Vans x SCR Launch 'Headphone Jack' Slip-on shoe for 'Foot the Bill' Program



Foot The Bill is Vans’ latest shoe customisation project that was started to support small businesses that were affected by COVID-19 globally. Over here in Asia, Vans has chosen 15 small businesses in China and 12 small businesses in Korea to participate in this project. These businesses include skate shops, music venues, restaurants and other community-based spaces. Each of these businesses designed their own patterns and graphics, which were then printed on Vans’ Classic Slip-Ons or Eras. Each shoe can be further customisable as well, you can pick its colour, material or print.

Each purchase of the Foot The Bill project will be going directly to each small business. Vans will be only making 500 shoes per business partner, so don't sleep on copping a pair of these limited edition kicks.

Most of the business partners involved are skate shops or streetwear stores.

Seoul Community Radio is one of the partners of the Korean partners for Foot The Bill, and we recently released an interview where we discuss our design for the collaboration. Watch it below:

 Below is SCR Founder Vinyl Richie holding the finished product - get yours at