Non-profit underground music label Reach Out Records to release its second EP [KUMFA]

Profits from the release will be donated to the Korean Single Mother Family Association

 Reach Out Records is the first not-for-profit record label in Seoul’s underground electronic music scene. Working together with local producers, designers, and venues, Reach Out raises money for local charitable causes through the release of curated compilations and events. After the successful release of their first EP which (in collaboration with Vans and local venue Pistil) raised just under 3.000,000KRW, Reach Out Records is set for their next release.

Label Founder Sean Levitas aka the artist known as Monika said "This is that good shit!"

This 4-track EP is composed of tracks made by female Korean producers who have all made an imprint on the Seoul music scene and beyond.   All profits generated from the sale of the compilation on Bandcamp and from the release event will go directly to KUMFA (Korean Unwed Mothers’ Families Association). KUMFA is an organisation that was started by and for unwed mothers and their children as they are severely stigmatised in Korea. Women who have a child out of wedlock here often face difficulties in finding a job and are ostracised from their families.

KUMFA has been working hard to rectify this negative perception of unwed mothers and to seek fair support from the government to help this marginalised group. They are in constant need of funds to provide shelter and to build a loving community for the unwed mothers and their children to thrive in. The EP features an array of different styles highlighting the full spectrum of creative energy coming from the underground scene in Korea, showcasing tracks from Korea Town Acid (Cosmic Resonance), Syndasizung (Bubble Chamber), Üjean x Monika (Reach Out Records), and E3 (textures). Listen and purchase below


The KUMFA EP will be released on September 4th to coincide with Bandcamp Friday (ensuring that 100% of all profits go directly to the charity). The release event will be streamed live at Seoul Community Radio and will feature artists from the Reach Out Records family. Follow @reachoutrecords on Instagram and Soundcloud to stay up to date about releases and events!