Next Bandcamp Friday Sept 4th: Read SCR's Picks of Asia-based Artists to Support

Bandcamp announced that they waive their revenue on September 4, 2020 to support musicians facing difficulties during COVID-19. On this day Bandcamp will share 100% of their profits to the musicians. and they keep waiving their revenue for these first Friday of the month days throughout Year 2020.


This time, SCR Team made a suggest list of Regional Musicians (Both Korean local and Asian Region). Hope this list helps Music enthusiast to find more Interesting Sounds from Pan-Asia region :)


1.Blaqlotus Records by Avangarde Vak (Hiphop / Korea)


2.Sour Inc. by 1an (HipHop / Japan)


3.From Another Vibe (Hiphop / Korea)


4.Darker Than Wax (World / Singapore)


5.Eastern standard Sounds 동양표준음향사 (Reggae,Dub / Korea)


6.Siamese twins (Ambient,Electronica / Thailand)


7.Klasse Wrecks by Luca Lozano & Mr.Ho (Electronic / Germany,Hongkong)


8.MAARTEN (Electronic / Netherland,Thailand)


9.Tonal Unity by Akimbo (World, Electronic / Korea)


10.JejuDigital (Ambient, Vaporwave / Korea)

also Please check their side project :


11.Airy Textile (Ambient / Korea)

Also Check this Page :


12.Salamanda by Yetsuby, Uman Therma (Ambient,Electronica / Korea)


13.Huinali by Oslated (Dub Techno, Ambient / Korea)


14. Mojave (Electronica, IDM / Korea)


15.Extra Noir (Electronica, IDM, Ambient / Korea)


16.Cat Psalm, Sima Kim (Electronica, Ambient, IDM / Korea)


16.More Rice (House, Techno, Trance / Thailand)


17.Honey Badger Records (House, Techno / Korea)


18.Xplo aka Zizek (Electro, House / Korea)


19.Fredcoste (House, Techno / Korea)


20. S.O.N.S (Techno, Trance, Electronica / France,Korea)


21.Hazed&Confucius (House, Techno / Korea)


22.Pan OPT (electro, Dark Wave / Korea)


23.Pyramid of Knowledge (Electro, Trance / France,Korea) 

23.Reachout Rec by Monika (Electro, House, Techno / UK, Korea)


24.Korea Town Acid (Electro, Electronic, Techno / Canada, Korea)


25.Textures Seoul (Electronic, House, Hard Techno / Korea)


26.Scopavik (Dub Techno, Techno, Ambient / Korea) 


27.Glasscat (Electronica, Indie Dance / Korea)


28.Kidswave (Electronica, Indie Dance / Korea)


29.HNGIN (Glitch Hop, Rap,Electronica / Korea)


30.ABRX (Hard Techno / Korea)


31.Dead Pepaya (Post Club Music / Indonesia) 



Check more on here :